Indiana AER Chapter Award Criteria

          On an annual basis the AER Indiana Chapter will present awards to deserving individuals who meet established criteria as a recognition of their contributions and achievement in the following categories

1) Employer

2) Student

3) Professional

4) Volunteer

5) Parent or Family member.



The criteria for each category follows:


Indiana AER Chapter Outstanding Employer Award


       This award is designed to recognize an individual, business, or agency which provides employment opportunities for blind and visually impaired adults and/or school age student as evidenced by progressive hiring practices and provisions for work place modifications and accommodations.


Indiana AER Chapter Outstanding Student Award


       This award is designed to recognize a high school or post-secondary blind or visually impaired student who has overcome barriers or personal adversity to achieve his or her potential in 1) independent functioning, 2) academic achievement, and/or 3) extra-curricular accomplishments through hard work, determination, personal initiative, and a positive attitude.


Indiana AER Chapter Outstanding Professional Award


        This award is designed to recognize an education or rehabilitation professional for efforts above and beyond which have a significant impact on students and clients and/or the field in general. The recipients should evidence 1) dedication, 2) professionalism, and 3) positive student or client centered attitude. The awardee should be responsible for significant contributions in 1) direct service to students or clients, and/or 2) to the field in general by work on a local, state, or national level in terms of legislation, policy making, advances in methodology, technology, and over-all improvement of services for blind and visually impaired students.


Indiana AER Chapter Outstanding Volunteer Award


         This award is designed to recognize an individual who volunteers their time in an unpaid status to assist or improve opportunities for blind and visually impaired students or clients.



Indiana AER Chapter Outstanding Parent or Family Member Award


          This award is designed to recognize a parent or set of parents or a particular family member who has been instrumental in assisting a blind or visually impaired individual toward accomplishing their goals, becoming independent, or in over-coming obstacles or personal adversity.